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  • crystal: n 1 結晶,(結)晶體;晶粒;水晶(=rock crystal);石英。2 【無線電】晶體。3 結晶玻璃;雕玻璃;...
  • group: n 1 群;批,簇。2 集團,團體,小組。3 【化學】基,團,組;(周期表的)屬,族。4 (雕塑等的)群像...

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  1. It was found that the schorl or dravite in schorl - dravite group that is produced from pegmatite and has good crystal degree had a strong intensity of spontaneous polarity by electron - beam bombardment and x - ray diffraction of varying the temperature

    利用電子束轟擊結合變溫xrd分析發現在schorl - dravite系列電氣石中,產于偉晶巖的,結晶度比較高的mg電氣石或fe電氣石具有較高的自發極化強度。
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  3. During the experiment of protein crystal growth in space carried by chinese re - entry capsule fsw - 2, the crystals of barheaded goose hemoglobin suitable for x - ray analysis were obtained both in space and earth as contrast group. the diffraction data of both crystals were collected, and the structures were solved using molecule replacement methods. the comparison of structures in space and earth indicate that, the interactions among molecules in crystal and subunits of molecule in space is weakened relative to the crystal on earth, there is a contact in the

    在1994年我國返回式衛星fsw - 2上進行的空間蛋白質晶體生長實驗中,獲得了適合於x射線分析的空間實驗組和地面對照組的斑頭雁血紅蛋白晶體,並收集了x射線衍射數據。應用分子置換法解析了結構,並進行了比較研究。結果顯示空間晶體的分子間和分子中亞基間的相互作用趨于減弱,在
  4. Crystal mysterious island inhabited by a group of cute bubble, they are a living island crystal

  5. Crystal lamp series - project light jiangsu bright group