音標 ['kristl]
n. 名詞 1. 結晶,(結)晶體;晶粒;水晶(=rock crystal);石英。
2. 【無線電】晶體。
3. 結晶玻璃;雕玻璃;〈美國〉水晶玻璃。
4. 〈詩〉水晶一樣的東西〈冰、水、淚、眼睛等〉。
5. 〈俚語〉神秘的徵兆;預言,占卜。
6. 〈美俚〉廁所。
adj. 形容詞 1. 水晶(制)的。
2. 水晶一般的;透明的,清澈的。
3. 【無線電】晶體的,運用晶體檢波器的。


    1. Synthesis and crystal structure of - d - o - acetyl - glycopyranosyl azide

    2. In all kinds of switches, thermo - optical switch, mems switch, liquid - crystal switch and air bladder switch are the trend of large - scale switch array, and lithium niobate electro - optical switches and electro - optical polymer switches are the trend of fast switches

    3. One such crystal is the ruby, which contains trivalent chromium ions dispersed in a matrix of alumina.

    4. Based on the principle of mechano - chemistry, the strong shock and crashing mechanical force produced by ls - 250 pulverizer can act to the surface of superfine carbon and white carbon particles during the process. the result of the experiment indicated that distortion and amorphism change occur to the surface crystal lattice of carbon particles, and the phenomena are prick up as the action time of mechano - chemical force

    5. Treating the anharmonic terms of potential energy as perturbations, and employing the formulas for atomic displacements and hamiltonian in phonon occupation number representation, the formulas for thermal expansion coefficients of crystal nano - wires are derived and the numerical calculations are carried out in this paper