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      Cs之菜鳥拆彈小游戲- 4399小游戲
    2. The great divide between programmers who work with back - end applications and web programmers who spend their time writing html, css, and javascript is long standing

      程序員(使用後端應用程序)和web程序員(編寫html 、 css和javascript )之間的分水嶺是長久存在的。
    3. Css is the one of the colonization factor antigens which is a protective antigen can cause immune reaction by the means taking orally. in this study, carrot was separately transformed with agrobacterium tumefacience strain lba4404 that contains ctb or ctb - cs3 fused gene in order to get oral diarrhea vaccine. this is a potent strategy to produce etec oral vaccine

      本研究期望通過農桿菌轉化系統將ctb (霍亂毒素b亞基,可作為佐劑和載體)基因和ctb - cs3融合基因分別轉入胡蘿卜植株,使ctb和ctb ? cs3融合基因穩定整合到胡蘿卜基因組內,希望以此獲得以胡蘿卜為受體的etec口服疫苗,使服食者在進食的同時就可獲得腹瀉免疫。
    4. The first stage is primary slip then followed by secondary slip ; the last stage is due to dislocation passing the slips. the cyclic stress strain ( css ) curve exhibits a stronger hardening occurred in cyclic plastic deformation than that in tensile test

    5. Css styles in external style sheets