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  • ct: 1 cell therapy 細胞療法。2 Central Time 3 Certificated Teacher 合格教師。4 code telegram(s) 電...
  • contact: n 1 接觸;聯系;交涉。2 〈美國〉(有勢力的)熟人;門路。3 【數學】相切;【電學】接觸;觸頭;觸點...
  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...

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  1. K - ar age of an illite from alteration rock in the contact zone around lianhuashan porphyry is 38. 6ma. with referencing to the main metallogenic period of yulong copper metallogenic zone and of ailaoshan gold metallogenic zone, it is suggested that the time of formation of deposits in the district studied is probably in a period of time from 38. 6ma at earliest to 20ma at latest. this time is equivalent to the origination time of two important tectonic events, i. e., lanping movement and the turning point when ailaoshan - red river fault turned from sinisteral into dextral

    獲得了蓮花山巖體周圍接觸帶蝕變巖中伊利石k - ar年齡38 . 6ma ,參考玉龍銅礦帶和哀牢山金礦帶的主要成礦期(分別為30ma左右及26ma ) ,釐定本礦集區成礦年齡下限為38 . 6ma ,上限為20ma ,與兩次重要的構造事件?蘭坪運動的起始時間及哀牢山?紅河斷裂由左旋轉為右旋的時間相當。
  2. The effects of flow pattern and contact time on cementing displacement

  3. Analyzing companies with high - level customer contact, as the longest contact time and easy interaction in the delivery process, the paper will point out the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining customers " satisfaction, and design a fuzzy mode in evaluating customer satisfaction. after researching a restaurant in detail as a " real world " example, this paper will explore the entire process of implementing the strategy of customer satisfaction

  4. With the prolong of contact time, the increment scope of ttms and halogen acetic acid will decrease. d ) comparing to chlorination, chloroamine disinfection is a better way in reducing the mutations of the objects in drinking water

    D )氯胺消毒方式在減小飲用水的致突變性即降低飲用水的毒副方面明顯優于氯消毒,對總aoc的生成具有較好的抑制作用,水體生物穩定性優于氯消毒方式。
  5. Effect of pre - oxidation on alum coagulation evaluated through the change of turbidity 、 toc and uv254. the emphasis on some impact factors such as the kind or variety of oxidant and oxidant contact time were studied, with discussing the influence of ph and solution temperature

    試驗中先投加氧化劑,再投加混凝劑,充分沉澱后,檢測出水濁度、 toc和uv254 ,通過這些指標變化來評價預氧化對混凝效果的影響。