adj. 形容詞 堆積的,累積的。
vt. 及物動詞 堆積,積累,蓄積。


    1. Because of the evaporation, dissolved salt is brought to cumulate at the ground surface and the root zone when the ground water is above the critical level. then the saline soil is formed

    2. By computing valid path to evaluate individuals and cumulate local advantage modules in the procedure of genetic operations, invalid individuals can be processed and formed valid individuals at last

    3. The fading correction and its corresponding calculation method were specially introduced in this paper for improving the accuracy of the environment cumulate kerma

    4. The inelastic demand spectra are established according to the new chinese seismic design code for buildings by means of force reduction factor r and ductility factor u, thus, a simple and practical method is established for seismic damage assessment in combination with capacity spectrum method ; the structure ' s push - over curve of second earthquake is gained by cutting the curve of quasi - test reversal load pattern method, thus, the structure ' s cumulate damage level can be computed by the capacity spectrum method too ; the results of an example are compared with the facts, and the validity and simplicity of this method is approved

      利用r -關系基於抗震規范彈性反應譜建立了能力譜方法中的需求譜,並將該法和能力譜方法結合,建立了一種簡單實用的結構損傷評估方法;對擬靜力循環往復加載曲線的截取,得到了第二次地震作用的push - over曲線,從而能夠繼續使用能力譜方法得到結構物的累積損傷值;通過算例闡述了該法的計算步驟,所得結果符合基本規律,且具有概念明確、簡單實用的優點。
    5. Like in a supermarket the user is afterwards astonished that the many cheap goods in the basket ( comparably maintenance requirements ) cumulate to a large sum at the cash point