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  • cumulative: adj. 1. 累積的,蓄積的;漸增的;累加的,附加的。2. 【法律】(證據等與同一事實)相重的;(判刑等)加重的。
  • plastic: adj 1 造型的;塑造的;給與形態的。2 可塑的,塑性的,受范的;柔軟的;〈比喻〉溫順的,肯聽話的。3 ...
  • strain: vt 1 用力拉,拉緊,抽緊,扯緊。2 使緊張;盡量使用(肌肉等)。3 強迫,強制;濫用,盡量利用。4 拉傷...
  • energy: n. 1. 干勁,活力。2. (語言、行為等的)生動。3. 〈pl. 〉 (個人的)精力;能力。4. 【物理學】能,能量。

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  1. In order to fully refect the geo - tech basic mechanics behaviors and to rationally explain the strain localization, this paper establishes the theory framework of gradient - dependent plastic model based on the theory framework of gradient - dependent plastic mechanics and in considering the plastic strain ' s gradient - dependence in double yield function, offers a kind of possible concrete pattern of the generalized plastic gradient model and analyzes each parameter of the model, particularly with the physical sense of " localized parameters " and the elements producing possible effect upon the model

  2. Test method for plastic strain ratio r for sheet metal

  3. While cyclic deformation experiment under constant strain control is performed in 400, the material shows the continuous hardening until cyclic invalidation. ( 3 ) back stress attained by kwl " s method is used to analyse the bauschinger effect during an incremental step cyclic test and cyclic deformation test under constant strain control, it is shown that back stress increases with increasing plastic strain and the numbers of cycle, and the back stress is uniform, regardless of tension or compression conditions. ( 4 ) as far as recrystallized zircaloy - 4 plate is concerned, the back stress in transverse direction is higher than that in rolling direction due to the higher schmid factor in rolling direction

    對于再結晶狀態的zr一4合金板材試樣來說, t方向(橫向)試樣的背應力要高於r方向(軋制方向)的背應力,原因在於r方向的schmid因子高於t方向的schmid因子; 400下, zr一4合金的背應力要明顯低於室溫下的背應力;含氫200pg / g的zr一4合金的背應力大小與無滲氫的zr一4合金背應力相比,無明顯區別;固溶處理后, zr一4合金的背應力大小發生了變化,在較高塑性應變下,背應力均高於固溶處理前的背應力。
  4. According to the result of analysis, it is advisable to invoke the general evaporation model should the avoidance of the overestimation on the strain energy release rate for very thin package cases be desired

    此外,計算結果還顯示:影響「爆米花」式斷裂的主要可控因素是擴散系數d 。和蒸發系數f卜其中,蒸發系數f 。
  5. The effect of plastic deformation and elastic strain energy induced by pre - strain on the nucleation of martensitic transformation of low alloy ultra - strength steel sosimncrmov had been studied by pre - strain quenching in austenite state. the control over deformation magnitude and deformation temperate as well as loading pattern was performed to adjust the storage of elastic strain energy in steel before martensitic transformation, using the type of geeble - 1500 thermal analogue test machine

    使用gleeble - 1500型熱模擬機,對低合金超高強度鋼30simncrmov實施奧氏體預應變淬火處理,通過控制形變量、形變溫度和加載方式,調整鋼中馬氏體相變前的彈性應變能儲備,研究了預應變所造成的塑性變形與彈性應變能對馬氏體相變的影響。