cumulative plot中文意思是什麼

cumulative plot解釋

  • cumulative: adj. 1. 累積的,蓄積的;漸增的;累加的,附加的。2. 【法律】(證據等與同一事實)相重的;(判刑等)加重的。
  • plot: n 1 陰謀(事件),策劃。2 (小說、戲劇等的)情節。3 【炮兵】測算表。vt ( tt )1 密謀,圖謀;策劃...

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  1. This plot of land absorbs little water.

  2. He spoke so naively and clumsily that i could see the bare bone of his holy plot.

  3. A 3 - square bo plot of land yields 30 doi of barley

  4. It had a large bay window bulging out from the second floor, and was graced in front by a small grassy plot, twenty - five feet wide and ten feet deep. there was also a small rear yard, walled in by the fences of the neighbours and holding a stable where he kept his horse and trap

  5. Dream memories are fragile, and trying to recall all the plot twists and turns on consecutive nights seems to have a cumulative effect