cumulative principle中文意思是什麼

cumulative principle解釋

  • cumulative: adj. 1. 累積的,蓄積的;漸增的;累加的,附加的。2. 【法律】(證據等與同一事實)相重的;(判刑等)加重的。
  • principle: n. 1. 原理,原則。2. 主義;政策;〈常 pl. 〉道義;節操。3. 本質,本體,根源;本原,源泉。4. 本性,本能;天然的性能;天賦的才能;動因,素因。5. 【化學】素,要素;精。

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  1. At last indicates that according to three principle that is compatible to the nation just and the native agreement with the whole system of the criminal procedure we must trace the same road of the japan, that is count under particulars of charge. to achieve this aim, we need to set up some mature that fit with it especially of which to innovate the accusatory instruments

  2. This paper describing for acid fog how to do harm 2030 cm01 acidwashing technological process sector, principle of electrostatic removing acid fog, removing course, spot application, technological process, and so on, then demonstrating acid fog density before removing and after in the main spot by chart

  3. The damage of acid mist to the 2030cm01 acid washing line, the principle, the purifying process, the design characteristic and the live using of electrostatic demisting precipitator are introduced

  4. China implements a military strategy of active defense. strategically, china pursues a principle featuring defensive operations, self - defense and attack only after being attacked

  5. To grasp the method of adjudicative of punishment correctly is the core of " principle of suiting punishment of crime " and " punishment in keeping with the crime "