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  • cumulative: adj. 1. 累積的,蓄積的;漸增的;累加的,附加的。2. 【法律】(證據等與同一事實)相重的;(判刑等)加重的。
  • probability: n 1 或有;或然性。2 【哲學】蓋然性〈在 certainly 和 doubt 或 posibility 之間〉。3 【數學】幾率,...

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  1. 6. the basic principle of turbo equalization is discussed and the siso equalization algorithms based on a posteriori probability and interference cancellation are derived. at last, the simulation results are provided

    6 .論述了turbo均衡的基本原理,推導了基於后驗概率和干擾消除的5150均衡演算法,給出了性能模擬結果。
  2. ( 3 ) distill the environmental geologic factors and analyzes their harmness and reasons mainly analyzes the status in quo, reason, distribution, harmness and defend for the falls, surface sink, mine suddenly water, landslip, castoff, etc. ( 4 ) evaluate the probability of the geology calamity take use of the method of factors and coverage union to evaluate the probability of the geology calamity, and then plot out the high, middle and low probabilit

    ( 3 )提取環境地質因素並進行分析其危害及成因利用提取的要素、數字地面模型和屬性數據庫及常規資料重點分析了構造、塌陷、礦坑突水、崩塌、廢棄物、地下水疏干區等要素的現狀、分佈、成因、危害及防治。 ( 4 )為金礦區地質災害易發性做出評價利用權重值和圖層疊加的方法對金礦區地質災害易發性做出評價,把金礦區劃分為高易發地區、中易發地區和低易發地區,針對這些地區提出治理措施。
  3. An introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics, including measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary probability, simple correlation and regression, tests of hypotheses, and nonparametric methods

  4. A probability of 1 represents certainty.

  5. Clt cumulative lead time