adj. 形容詞 【化學】(正;二價)銅的;含銅的。


    1. The accumulation pattern of copper in soil, and the allowed years of the safety use of some new cupric pesticides in the future application were predicted with the experimental results of their residues in fruits and vegetables, and the practical experiences of bordeaux mixture applied in orchard over a long period of time

    2. Manufacturer and exporter of copper chemicals : cuprous chloride, cupric chloride anhydrous and dihydrate, cuprous oxide

    3. Abstract : the preparation of cuprous chloride from etching waste liquor of cupric chloride and crude copper powder was studied. the result showed that this method had many advantages, including simple process, easy operation and good quality of product, therefore it had remarkable economic and environmental benefits

    4. Manufactures copper chemicals in montana, usa. products include copper powder, cuprous and cupric oxide, dispersion - strengthened copper and agricultural fungicides, as well as zinc oxide

    5. Ingredients : fresh milk, skimmed milk powder, desalted whey powder, granulated sugar, oligofructose, refined vegetable oil, maltodextrin, bovine colostrums, long - chain polyunsaturated fatty acid ( dha ), folic acid, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin b12, vitamin c, pantothenic acid, zinc sulfate, cupric sulfate, manganese sulfate

      配料表:新鮮牛奶、脫脂奶粉、脫鹽乳精粉、白砂糖、低聚果糖、精煉植物油、麥芽糊精、牛初乳、長鏈多不飽和脂肪酸( dha ) 、葉酸、維生素b1 、維生素b2 、維生素b12 、維生素c 、泛酸、硫酸鋅、硫酸銅、硫酸錳。