curfew hours中文意思是什麼

curfew hours解釋

  • curfew: n. 1. (中世紀通知已到規定熄燈時間的)晚鐘(聲);晚鐘時刻。2. (戒嚴時期的)宵禁(時間);熄燈令。
  • hours: 辦公時間

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  1. I passed several hours in rambling about westminster abbey.

  2. In less than twenty-four hours london was abuzz.

  3. Two ndv strains, lasota and f48e9, were propagated in 9 - day - old embryonated specific - pathogen - free ( spf ) eggs respectively for 36 hours at 37, then these chicken embryos were placed at 4 for 12h before the allantoic fluid was gained

    首先,將ndvlasota株和f48e9株分別接種於9日齡spf雞胚,於37孵化36h ,置4 12h后收獲雞胚尿囊液。
  4. 2000 a famous nepalese alpinist climbs the mountain within 16 hours and 56 minutes. the world ' s fastest ascent

    2000年? ?尼泊爾著名登山家巴布?奇里從大本營出發由北坡攀登,耗時16小時56分登頂成功,創造了登頂的最快紀錄。
  5. Fewer troops were patrolling, a night - time curfew had been reduced by two hours and access to the golden shwedagon pagoda ? the country ' s holiest shrine and the rallying - point of the monks ' protests ? was restored