current addre register中文意思是什麼

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  • current: adj. 1. 通用的,流行的。2. 現在的,現時的,當時的。3. 流暢的;草寫的。n. 1. 水流;氣流;電流。2. 思潮,潮流;趨勢,傾向。3. 進行,過程。
  • addre: 通道地址
  • register: n 1 記錄,注冊,登記,掛號。2 (人口動態,戶籍等的)登記簿,注冊簿;【商業】船籍登記簿;海關證明...

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  1. The rpl request privilege level defines the current privilege level of the cpu when the corresponding segment selector is loaded in the segment register

    Rpl ( request privilege level )定義了在將對應的段選擇器加載到段寄存器中時cpu的當前特權級別。
  2. Every did not deal with property right to register droit of the building that get card and already produced property right to transfer the current situation to change, but the building that did not deal with move change, in all droit does not get state law protection, adverse have buying and selling, trade, give write, analyse is produced and exchange, must not rebuild and extend

  3. This text has introduced the research background, the research purpose and research current situation of the small cities and towns question at first, secondly analyzed the intension of small cities and towns development and theoretical foundation, and through the small cities and towns develop analysis of function to the present stage, propose small cities and towns help and raise peasant income, help and promote surplus rural labor force shift, favorable to the developments of township enterprise etc. by development ; the third, develop analysis of the current situation according to the small cities and towns of hebei province, point out the question existing in the development of small cities and towns of hebei province, and the development level to the small cities and towns of hebei province has been evaluated, think that the development of small cities and towns of hebei province is in stage of starting ; the fourth, the restriction factor in infrastructure investment, function reforming, financial management system and construction plan of government etc. existing in the construction of the small cities and towns of hebei province of network analysis ; at last, it propose hebei province small cities and towns the areas of developments strategic and government function not bring about an advance in small cities and towns of hebei province, household register, people, industrial structure adjustment and relevant countermeasures, such as overall arrangement, land utilizing, fund, planning and environmental protection of the industry etc

  4. The a / d and cap circuits on dsp sample the voltage and current signals coming from the signal sampling circuit and the speed signal of the motor respectively. the " dead time " register of the dsp prevent directive - through of the igbts on the up and the down bridge arms

    利用dsp上的死區寄存器設置ipm驅動信號的死區時間防止上下橋臂igbt的直通;利用板上集成的a / d轉換器採集經過板級外圍電路處理的電路信號;利用板上的捕獲單元cap採集通過轉速計的輸出從而得到電機的轉速。
  5. Argument, the register set of the current task, the last time they entered the kernel, are displayed