cushing syndrome中文意思是什麼

cushing syndrome解釋

  • cushing: n. 庫欣〈姓氏〉。
  • syndrome: n. 1. 【醫學】綜合癥,癥候群。2. (某一事物的)全部特徵;特徵群;(具有某種共同性的不同事物的)集合。

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  1. There is no cure for the disease acquired immune deficiency syndrome or aids.

  2. Aids is an acronym for " acquired immune deficiency syndrome

    艾滋病的全稱是"獲得性免疫缺損綜合征" 。
  3. Human adults given growth hormone have suffered from acromegaly ( excess bone growth ) and carpal tunnel syndrome

  4. Overall, women were more common than men in our series, especially in cushing ' s syndrome and primary aldosteronism ( female : male ratio, 4 and 1. 9, respectively )

    整體而言,女性多於男性,尤其在庫辛氏徵候群與腎上腺留鹽激素過多癥,其女男比分別為4與1 . 9 。
  5. Adrenal cortical adenoma remoed from a 35 year old male who presented with cushing ' s syndrome. the tumor is bright yellow and grossly resembles zona fasciculata seen in the specimen