n. 名詞 庫欣〈姓氏〉。


    1. Medical instruments ; retractors cushing ' s

      醫療器械. cushing型牽開器
    2. That s where we dined that night we went with those two cushing boys

    3. The judgment illuminated more than has ever previously been known about how clubs and agents do deals. cushing admitted that forms newcastle completed were " technically incorrect "

    4. Adrenal cortical adenoma remoed from a 35 year old male who presented with cushing ' s syndrome. the tumor is bright yellow and grossly resembles zona fasciculata seen in the specimen

    5. Abstract : purpose : to investigate the diagnosis, treatments and prognosis of adrenal cortical carcinoma in children. methods : data of 2 cases of adrenal cortical carcinoma in chidren were analyzed retrospectively about their diagnosis and treatments. results : 2 cases of adrenal cortical carcinoma were treated surgically : 1 case had cushing syndrom, 1 case presented a soft tissue tumor of leg without adrenal symptom. conclusions : it may be grown up immediately and spreadout directly in adrenal cortical carcinoma of children. in adrenal cortical carcinoma of non - symptom, it s symptom concealed, early diagnosis and immediate treatments may play a decisive role to the prognosis of adrenal cortical carcinoma

      文摘:目的:探討兒童腎上腺皮質癌的臨床特徵及其診斷、治療和預后.方法:對2例兒童腎上腺皮質癌患者均行手術治療,並對其發病及診治過程進行分析.結果: 2例腎上腺皮質癌中, 1例為柯興綜合征表現, 1例為無功能性、小腿軟組織腫塊表現.結論:兒童腎上腺皮質癌生長迅速,可直接播散.無功能性腎上腺皮質癌癥狀隱蔽,早期診斷、及時治療對改善預後起決定性作用