cutaneous myelocytoma中文意思是什麼

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  1. Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis, pca

  2. Cutaneous gas monitoring devices for oxygen and carbon dioxide

  3. Pizhen treatment of pygal middle cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome

  4. In a dry field, too, the cutaneous nerves are identified and protected more easily, and they often may be used as guides to deeper structures

  5. Our skin surface is " cuticular layer ", and cuticular lower part is " dermal layer " ; cuticular layer and true cortex are not completely close together " sticky " together, skin is in only certain zone by connective tissue closely " bind " go up in derma, certain place is done not have ; so, absorbed water when skin " swollen " when rising, " bind " the place that live is stayed by confine however and show cave shape ; look from the exterior, cutaneous surface just has sunken have dash forward, like furrow