cyclic deicing中文意思是什麼

cyclic deicing解釋

  • cyclic: adj. 1. 周期的;輪轉的,循環的。2. 【化學】環狀的;【植物;植物學】輪列的,輪卷的。3. 組詩的;故事始末的。
  • deicing: 除冰液

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  1. Cycle frequency - based blind beamforming shows the performance degradation due to cfe ( cyclic frequency error ). an improved algorithm is presented in literature 6, which adopting forgetting factor in estimation cyclic correlation matrix would largely depress the sensitivity of cab to cyclic frequency error. by using this method, the improved algorithms of the c - cab and ecab algorithms are presented in this dissertation

    針對基於循環頻率的盲波束形成演算法對循環頻率誤差cfe ( cyclicfrequencyerror )很敏感而導致演算法性能下降的情況,參照文獻[ 6 ]提出的遺忘因子cab演算法,提出了c - cab演算法以及基於特徵空間的盲波束形成演算法( ecab )的改進演算法。
  2. The identity between nature and culture, the polarity between yin and yang, and the circularity of cyclic movements, all are the basic features of this synchronic mode

  3. There is only one lower-energy orbital in a cyclic system.

  4. A process in which the final state of the system is the same as the initial state is called a cyclic process.

  5. It not only gains the physical contrastive datum mark, but also improves the blm stability. cyclic voltammetry is used to study the characteristic of blm attached to metal surface, as the forming of blm, the voltammetric characteristics of blm, the selection of ion and measurement of different ki concentration