cyclone mixer中文意思是什麼

cyclone mixer解釋

  • cyclone: n. 1. 【氣象學】氣旋;旋風。2. 旋風器,吸塵器。3. 【化學】環酮,四芳基茂酮。cyclonic adj.
  • mixer: n. 1. 混合者。2. 混合[攪拌]器;【冶金】混鐵爐;混頻器;【無線電】混頻管。3. 〈原美、口〉交際家;交誼會;【無線電】錄音師。

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  1. One of factors which activize the explosive development of cyclone exists strong convective instability in lower layers from the analysis of the barotropic potential vorticity

  2. On windy occasions such as the approach of a tropical cyclone, air streams of high wind speed may emerge from mountain gaps

  3. Design and production of water fittings and sanitary wares including bath showers, bidet mixer, faucets

  4. Performance of circumfluent cyclone

  5. The cast basalt tiles may be used in all kinds of ways. such as : the liner of coal bunker of power station, the lining of dust cyclone, the liner of chemical storage tank and warehouse for corrosion material, the floor material for chemical plants and lowfriction vehicle testing surface etc