d s中文意思是什麼

d s解釋
D S, D. S=Doctor of Science 理學博士。

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  1. Had to show this crazy braud, i mastered my degree s and my ph. d s

  2. Many infections will respond to 750mgt d s by i. m. or by i v

  3. Lands d s target is to process not less than 2 300 applications each year. all new applications will start to be processed in not more than one year s time

    地政總處的目標是每年處理不少於2 300宗小型屋宇申請,而所有新的申請,獲開始處理的時間不超過一年。
  4. " dug jade " ing, this exploitation and d s placer means have already stopped, only while quarrying and drawing gold dust, electing the jade one from the gravel that is dug out, in passing, output is very few

  5. The first snag occurs at some d that is preceded by an equal number of d's and h's.