d t中文意思是什麼

d t解釋
D T, D. T. =Doctor of Theology 神學博士。

  • d:
  • t: 中世紀羅馬數字的160。

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  2. Utilizing the sand as the sample, the sand with different water content is measured by d - d neutron generator and d - t neutron generator and the scaling curves are offered. the simulated curves and formulas are offered

  3. In the paper, computational sophistication is applied to compute the basic solution matrix of a sort of two - dimensional periodic differential equation which contains two parameters. the matrix makes it realizable to study the stability of two - dimensional periodic differential equation, here, the following is proved in the paper : only if a ( t ), b ( t ), c ( t ), d ( t ) satisfy some quantity conditions, is exponentially asymptotically stable

  4. Label g. l., benoit f. m., williams d. t. a one - year survey of halogenated disinfection by - products in the distribution system of treatment plants using 3 different disinfection processes

    清華大學環境科學與工程系、北京市自來水公司第九水廠,飲用水消毒、消毒副產物和水質生物穩定性之關系研究報告, 1998 , 12 。
  5. Fifty concrete filled thin - walled steel tubular stub columns were axially tested, where diameter ( width ) to thickness ratio was selected as the main varied parameter. the behaviour of concrete filled thin - walled steel tubular stub column was analyzed, and the simplified calculation method of bearing capacity was discussed. based on the current test results and those reported in the literature, the upper limits of d / t and b / t of cfst members were recommended