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  • a: an 用在以母音音素開始的詞前〉 indefinite art 1 〈普通可數名詞第一次提到時,冠以不定冠詞主要表示類...


  1. Then, the article introduces the circuits of the a / d and d / a, and the conversion method of the a / d and d / a

    文章還就實現a d 、 d a轉換的具體電路和利用該數據採集卡實現a d 、 d a轉換的具體手段進行了闡述。
  2. The main point of the conception about software radio is as follows : first, making the a / d and d / a close to the antenna ; secondly, accomplishing as much as function by software

    軟體無線電的關鍵思想在於兩點:一是將a / d , d / a盡量靠近天線,二是用軟體實現盡可能多的無線電功能。
  3. Daw so v l, daw son t m, batley d a, et al. mechanism of nitric oxide mediated neurotoxity in primarty brain cultures [ j ]. j neurosic, 1993, 13 ( 6 ) : 2651

    陳琳,高署,胡成穆,等.一氧化氮及一氧化氮合酶在腦缺血損傷中的作用[ j ] .安徽醫藥, 2004 , 2 ( 8 ) : 5
  4. Rigging and fitting my mast and sails ; for i finish d them very compleat, making a small stay, and a sail, or foresail to it, to assist, if we should turn to windward ; and which was more than all, i fix d a rudder to the stern of her, to steer with ; and though i was but a bungling shipwright, yet as i knew the usefulness, and even necessity of such a thing, i apply d my self with so much pains to do it, that at last i brought it to pass ; though considering the many dull contrivances i had for it that sail d, i think it cost me almost as much labour as making the boat

  5. However having a fresh gale, i stretch d a - cross this eddy slanting north - west, and in about an hour came within about a mile of the shore, where it being smooth water, i soon got to land