n. 名詞 〈口語〉 = dad.

    1. “ where is the happiness then ? ” asked avatar adi da

      「那麼這幸福在哪兒? 」阿瓦塔阿諦達問。
    2. Da gama was reluctant to go ashore.

    3. Will stethoscopic wall of bosom of the area before be being put to the heart, audibility every normal cardiac cycle by " dong ", " da " two composition

      將聽診器放至心前區胸壁,可聽到每個正常心動周期由「咚「 、 「噠「兩聲組成。
    4. I responded, " the designer leads a simple life and she shares her money with the poor. besides, it is very important that this kind of beauty is in the world because it was created by the designer s deepest yearning to touch people s souls. the last supper, by leonardo da vinci has been pleasing generations and who thinks of a price while hearing johann sebastian bach s cantatas ?

    5. The following are the large projects undertaking by haifeng company : crude oil electricity plant project of north china oil field hydroelectricity factory, apartment ( 22 stories ) of yuanda real estate company of dalian shipping group, helios hotel of helios group in dalian development zone, tilt aqueduct bridge of shanxi hongqi reservoir ( total span : 267m ), supply and sale building and city construction building ( both are antique architectures ) of shanxi heyang city, sea drainage pipe of hainan fudao fertilizer factory ( 1520 ), 8 oilgas docks of hainan haiyan oilgas company, basha condensable gas transfer station of haiyan company, 10, 000m3 oilgas storage tank of arco company ( usa ) in hainan nanshan, gas pipe and fuel gas installation project of hainan nanshan electricity co., ltd, base and accessory project of hainan gas company, bei da huang cereal and oil market in harerbin, hainan cross island pipe, changhuajiang river pipe crossing project, taihangshan mountain earthwork project ( the 19th section of west - to - east gas transmission project )

      海南海峰公司承建大的工程項目:華北油田水電廠原油發電站工程;大連船泊集團遠達地產公司的遠達公寓( 22層) ;大連開發區香港太陽神集團的太陽神大酒店;陜西紅旗水庫斜拉渡槽工程(全跨267m ) ;陜西合陽供銷大樓及城建大樓(均為仿古) ;海南富島化肥廠排海管線( 1520 ) ;海南海燕油氣公司八所油氣碼頭;海燕公司白沙液化氣中轉站;海南南山美國阿科公司儲油氣萬立米大罐工程;海南南山電力股份有限公司天然氣管線及燃氣安裝工程;海南南海天然氣有限公司基地及配套工程;哈爾濱北大荒糧油批發市場;海南環島管線;昌化江穿越工程;西氣東輸十九標段,太行山土石方工程。