DAE, D. A. E. = Dictionary of American English 《美國英語詞典》。


    1. Dae jang geum cantonese version episode41 - 50

    2. Dae jang geum cantonese version episode 21 - 30

    3. Dae jang geum cantonese version episode61 - 70

    4. " ja - gi - gi - in is the behaviour resulting from one ' s small cabinets, " professor ahn dae - hoe told the snow blower

      安大會教授在接受《韓國先驅報》的采訪時說: 「 『自欺欺人』是一種由貪婪導致的行為。 」
    5. He is forced by her father to marry her as he and jin - kyung s brothers all believe that dae - suh is the one who will bring honors to their family, and so they try their best to get them together. this explains why the korean title of this movie is called " family honor ". if you are a korean film regular, you ll probably have the same initial reaction as me, thinking that the plotline is quite similar to the box office hit of 2001

      無錯,這個故事大綱的確似曾相識,和2001年的我老婆系大佬有幾分相似,身家清白的男主角都被逼嫁入黑幫,只不過本片把我片申恩慶的角色分拆,保留了女性的溫柔在kim jung - eun身上,黑幫的身分以及身手了得的身手則轉移到jin - kyung的父親和三個哥哥身上。