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  • damage: n 1 損害,損傷;〈口語〉傷害,毀壞。2 〈口語〉費用,代價。3 〈pl 〉 【法律】 賠償損失;賠償金。vt...
  • accident: n 1 故障,事故,偶發事件;偶然。2 災難,災害,不幸,不測,意外,橫禍。3 附帶事件,附屬品。4 【哲...

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  1. At present, more and more large tonnage ships are built with the development of ship industry, the force between hull and shipway increased, the damage of ship structure was also reported. but the existed method is not efficiently for calculating the distribution of force acted on forward during stern floating which is the moment of truth during ship launching, so it is important to calculate ship launching precisely and take measure to preclude such accident

  2. Used for lowering the temperature and bringing down a fever, is it stop the pain to diminish inflammation, skin care styptic, accident is it hurt various kinds of sports type damage, muscle draw wounded spraining slight scald, burning traumatism arrest blood, not waterproof and swollen to touch, the feverish, toothache dispels the fatigue to suffer heatstroke, have a headache, producing refreshing effect to the mind, medical first aid, etc.

  3. The warranty does not hold good for any damage to the machine caused by accident or improper use

  4. That is to say, if insurance accident produced between insurance period, caused pair of insurance symptom damage, caused a loss to insurant, but if losing number is not large, did not exceed franchise, insurance company does not grant to compensate for

  5. Report any electrical accident or damage to an underground electricity cable or its sheath, to the relevant parties, and the electricity supplier,