dana vollmer中文意思是什麼

dana vollmer解釋

  • dana: n. 戴納〈姓氏,男子名,女子名〉。
  • vollmer: 德國威猛

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  1. Dana : rick, i think you might be right

  2. 31 press w h, teukolsky s a, vetterling w t, flannery b p. numericalrecipes in c : the art of scientific computing. cambridge universitypress, second edition, 1992. 32 dana k j, van ginneken b, nayar s k, koenderink j j. reflectanceand texture of real world surfaces

    實驗包括訓練和測試兩個階段,在訓練階段,我們計算了所有類的zernike矩不變因子,計算完相關函數的集合之後,我們計算了10階以內的仿射正則化zernike不變因子,構建了zernike矩不變因子矩陣,用來計算距離函數d 。
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  5. In the " card - packing ", a znf16pc molecule takes an angle of 52 respect to the substrate. while in the " brick - stacking ", the molecules arrange in a square lattice with lattice constant as 14. 94a and 14. 28a under room temperature and 300 respectively. from room temperature to about 150, f - ptcdi molecules follow the vollmer - weber rule when grown on quartz substrate, as revealed by afm images

    在「 card - packing 」模式中,分子平面與石英襯底平面成52左右的二面角;在「 brick - stacking 」模式中,較低溫度下,分子以四方點陣平行排列,點陣常數為14 . 94 ;在300的襯底溫度下發生構象調整,點陣常數減小為14 . 28 ,分子採取更高密度的堆積方式。