dark moon中文意思是什麼

dark moon解釋

  • dark: adj 1 暗,暗黑的;微暗的,陰沉的。2 淺黑的,(皮膚)帶黑色的;深,濃(色)。3 秘密的,隱秘的。4 ...
  • moon: n 1 月 月球 月亮。 ★ 1 語法上常作女性處理。 2 形容詞是 lunar。2 〈詩〉(一個)月 太陽月;〈詩〉月...

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  1. You are the third moon aspect as the hag, dark moon, or the crone

  2. Changed of moon phases are brough about by the non - self - luminosity and the opacity of the moon. as the moon is a spherical body, sunlight can only illuminate half of the moon. viewing from different directions, the moon will appear to take the shapes of a circle, a semi - circle, a crescent, a gibbous or even completely invisible at all when its dark side faces the earth

  3. They say the celestial event started as a partial eclipse, and the dark shadow of the moon obscured only the sun ' s lower half

  4. Then a cloud came over the moon, like a dark hand before a face

  5. Caption : : in the dark, moon rise is a fantastic moment, as the moon shine so brightly