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  • data: n 1 資料,材料〈此詞系 datum 的復數。但 datum 罕用,一般即以 data 作為集合詞,在口語中往往用單數...
  • verification: n. 1. 證實,證明,確定;核驗,驗證,核對;檢驗,校驗。2. 【法律】訴狀[答辯書]結尾的舉證說明。
  • system: n 1 體系,系統;分類法;組織;設備,裝置。2 方式;方法;作業方法。3 制度;主義。4 次序,規律。5 ...

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  1. Miniature wireless data communication system for micro air vehicles

  2. The 3dvar data assimilation system has the ability to assimilate gms - 5 cloud drifted winds and toys data. the numerical simulation experiments of typhoon processes are carried out using the 3dvar data assimilation system

  3. Application of dy - 2000 distributive data acquisition system

  4. Edp electronic data processing system

  5. Because of lacking the hardware testing tools, a kind of low - cost testing scheme has been designed, and compared with other schemes. after adding usb host protocol stack to stite / os20 embedded operating system, and based on a large number of data verification and analysis, the conclusion was drawn that the usb host can communicate with usb devices correctly according to the protocol

    在缺乏硬體測試工具的情況下,本人設計了一種低成本的測試方案,並對這種方案進行分析比較,在大量數據驗證分析的基礎上得出結論:在stlite / os20嵌入式操作系統中加入本課題設計的usb主機協議棧后, usb主機能夠正確按照協議與usb設備進行通信。