database restructuring中文意思是什麼

database restructuring解釋

  • restructuring: n. 改革〈尤指前蘇聯戈爾巴喬夫時期實行的改革,與perestroika同義〉。

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  1. Describes data access programming with visual c, where the preferred way is to use one of the class libraries such as the active template class library or microsoft foundation class library, which simplify working with the database apis

    描述如何使用visual c + +進行數據訪問編程,首選方式是使用類庫(如活動模板類庫( atl )或microsoft基礎類( mfc )庫)之一,這將簡化對數據庫api的使用。
  2. The persistent data layer is aptly provided by the derby database

  3. The science database has been successfully relocated. the splitters and assimilator are back online

  4. Igts is by means of normalized designing of torpedo ' s main model, standardized and visualized designing of interface, and backing of database technology. the integrated and automatized function of modeling, simulation and statistic comes true in igts

  5. Extending database technology : advances in database technology, avignon, france, 1996, pp. 140 - 144. 17 ceri s, widom j. deriving production rules for incremental view maintenance. in proc