davis magnetic tester中文意思是什麼

davis magnetic tester解釋

  • davis: n. 戴維斯〈姓氏,男子名〉。
  • magnetic: adj. 1. 磁(性)的;(可)磁化的。2. 吸引人心的;有魅力的。3. 催眠術的。
  • tester: n. 1. 試驗者,檢驗者,化驗者。2. 檢驗器,化驗裝置。3. (試驗用的)對照物。n. (床,佈道壇等上的)天蓋,華蓋。n. (一面有頭像的)古銀幣;〈古、謔〉六辨士。

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  1. Our company contract to do a job maintaining all sorts of electro magnetic chuch domestic and abrod. we guarantee quality, own advanced technique and present reason - able price, and can produce all sorts of magnetic force acetabula for consumers. company ` s tenet : quality no. 1, reputation highest, quick and considerable after - service, honest hope with every friend joining hands together to enter a pair - win market

  2. To cool atoms to near absolute zero, physicists rely on systems of lasers and magnetic fields to trap atoms

  3. Our leading products are : ball mill, superfine agitating mill, vacuum plaster agitator, slip agitator, pressure - glazing tank, shower - dedust glazing booth, vibration sieve, leakage tester for water - closet, blast heater, rapid dispersion machine, magnetic separator, base - wipe machine, electric diaphragm pump and the vertical casting unit for medium and top grade of one - piece water - closet and close - coupled water closet, wash basin, pedestal, low level cistern and sink

  4. To find out the reason for the sickness, an initiated korean brother who was an oriental medicine doctor took some of master s hair to a person who had developed a special machine. the machine is called a " mrt " magnetic resonance tester. the machine can tell the reason for the sickness and many other states using only a hair from the person

    師父最近在停留韓國期間,身體違和,為了找出病因,一位韓國中醫師兄取了師父的頭發,請一位開發一種特別儀器的人做分析,這種儀器稱為mrt magnetic resonance tester磁共振測量儀,可以僅憑一根頭發而分析出病因及身體其它的各種狀態。
  5. In news no. 114, we published a report on the magnetic resonance tester, a sophisticated machine that confirmed master s complete enlightenment when her hair was tested

    在第114期雜志中,我們介紹了一種儀器叫做mrt magnetic resonance tester磁共振測量儀,從測試師父頭發的結果,印證了師父已完全開悟。