音標 [dei]
n. 名詞 戴〈姓氏〉。
n. 名詞 1. 日,一日。
2. 節日;規定的日期,約定的日子。
3. 晝,白晝,白天;日光。
4. 〈常 pl. 〉時代;全盛時代。
5. 壽命,生平。
6. (某日的)戰斗;勝負,勝利。


    1. All that day, though he waited for mr. abel until evening, kit kept clear of his mother's house.

    2. Who may abide the day of his appearing ?

    3. Enclosed i wait on you with your account current, balance carried to your debit this day in a new account, $ 15. 7, which itrust you find correct

      茲同函奉上貴方的往來帳,余額為15 . 7美元,于本日列入新帳借方內,敬請核查見復為荷。
    4. Arsenal defender william gallas still feels resentment towards chelsea following his acrimonious deadline day departure

    5. One day on the tour, we visited a high mountain lake, and afterwards we had to descend some steps on the mountain that were very steep, and one of the older sisters suffered from acrophobia fear of heights. that day, she had used perfume with a very strong aroma, and one of the other sisters was allergic to the smell. it seems, however, that god had a special arrangement for them both