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  • de: DE = destroyer escort 護航驅逐艦。de1〈拉丁語〉 = down from from off de facto 事實上(的)。 de...
  • post: n 1 (被指定的)地位,崗位;職位,職守。2 【軍事】哨所,站;哨兵警戒區;〈轉義〉哨兵,衛兵。3 基...

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  1. Although the proposals concerning the conduct of post - tenure review that were put forward by aaup are being observed differently, they are still indispensable for post - tenure review

  2. 5. the osl dating of 37 samples of loess in weihe river basin by sar and multiple aliquot methods, indicates that sar protocol appears to be applicable to loess and appropriately correcting for sensitivity changes within the regenerated curves, however, there are major difference between the irsl and post - ir osl de determinations that suggest that sensitivity changes relating to either ( or both ) natural signals may not be correctly monitored

    同時,用單片再生劑量法測小干3ha的黃土細顆粒樣品, slsl 、 irsl和post irosl測的年代在誤差范圍內基本相同,接近預估年代;對於3ha ? 10ha的黃土細顆粒樣品,一般post osl測的年代更接近預測值;對于大於10ha的樣品,一般irsl測的年代普遍太小,多數blsl年代也偏小,而p 。
  3. De la hoya scored an emphatic sixth round stoppage of “ el matador, ” a beating so intense that mayorga decided to skip the post - fight press conference altogether

    德?拉?霍亞用強有力的分值,于第六回合終結「鬥牛士」 ? ?擊打如此密集,以致馬約加決定跳過了與他們一起的賽后新聞發布會(露面的機會) 。
  4. Pedro coelho, vice president of portugal post ( 1st left ) and mr. pedro moitinho de almeida, consul - general, consulate general of portugal ( middle ), officiated the issue of the special stamps by stamping a blown - up first day cover

  5. Digital video post - processing ic is designed for consumer video format conversion to attain high quality image, which mainly includes de - interlacing spatial conversions and picture rate conversion