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  • de: DE = destroyer escort 護航驅逐艦。de1〈拉丁語〉 = down from from off de facto 事實上(的)。 de...
  • rossi: 羅西

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  1. Transformers ; de - aerator with snow protection ; filling nozzle

  2. Totti, de rossi and simone perrotta return from their triumph in germany, but vincenzo montella, philippe mexes, sami kuffour and rodrigo taddei have been left at home

  3. daniele de rossi assures roma can get over their 7 - 1 demolition at old trafford. “ in the past we have come out of worse situations than this

    羅馬在上周的歐聯8強次回合作客以1 : 7慘敗予英超班霸曼聯,被義大利傳媒視為國恥。
  4. Not even the missed penalty kick by de rossi in the 81st minute prompted milan to try and find the equaliser, and that ' s something to reflect on

  5. In the first line - up, he used a four - man midfield with mauro camoranesi on the right, andrea pirlo, daniele de rossi and gennaro gattuso taking up the left flank