deaerating feed water heater中文意思是什麼

deaerating feed water heater解釋

  • deaerating: 除氣除氧
  • feed: feed1fee 的過去式及過去分詞。vt 1 給…飲食,給…東西吃;給(嬰兒)餵奶。2 喂養,飼養,使吃草,放牧...
  • water: n 1 水;雨水;露;〈常作 pl 〉 礦泉,溫泉;藥水。2 〈常 pl 〉水體;水域;水道;海;湖;河;海域;...
  • heater: n. 1. 加熱的人;加熱器,散熱器;暖房裝置。2. 〈美俚〉手槍。3. 〈美俚〉雪茄煙。

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  1. The afterheat, which is collected by recovery devices, in winter can be used as the low level thermal source of heat pump, and in summer can preheat feed water, thus equivalent an economizer. because energy flows in the system so reasonably that energy is used to the most, therefore, its energy conservation effect is significant, and the operating expenditure declines consequently. the sewage can be reused after due treatment, thua it has a certain social and ecological benefit, too

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  3. As the products of combustion circulate, they heat and feed water

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