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  • dealing: n. 1. 待遇;處置。2. (對人的)行為,舉動。3. 〈pl. 〉 生意,交易;交際。4. 紙牌的分發。
  • system: n 1 體系,系統;分類法;組織;設備,裝置。2 方式;方法;作業方法。3 制度;主義。4 次序,規律。5 ...

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  1. Manufactured the excellent products and founded the fashion life that is our dealing faith. after several years effort, we have developed. after registration, we are awarded emphases enterprise by experiment zone in jul 2001 ; medun - smal scale enterprise guangdong in dec ; science technology progress in jul 2002 ; jieyang famous trademark in jan 2003 ; passed is09001 2000 international quality system authentication ; in may, nation quality trustworthy products and the national consumer satisfaction of the quality service unit ; in jan a quality price trustworthy unit ; in mar, the enterprise being faithful to its contract keeping promise ; in apr, elected as the director unit by guangdong home appliance manufacturers ; in oct awarded china excellent medun - smal scale science enterprise ; in apr. elected as the director unit by jieyang excellent medun - smal scale enterprise sodality

    注冊成立後於2001年7月被試驗區評為「重點企業」 ,同年12月被廣東省科學技術廳授予「廣東省民營科技企業」於2002年7月獲試驗區「科學技術進步獎」 2003年1月被揭陽市工商行政管理局授予「揭陽市知名商標」 ,同年4月通過is09001 : 2000國際質量體系認證,同年5月被中國產品推廣評價中心授予「全國質量信得過產品」 ,同時被中國產品質量申訴外授予「全國質量服務消費者滿意企業」 ,同年6月被揭陽市物價局揭陽市技術監督局授予「價格質量信得過單位」於2004年3月被揭陽市政府授予「守合同重信用企業」 ,同年4月被廣東省家電商推選為理事單位,同年10月被評為「中國優秀民營科技企業」 ,並在北京人民大會堂參加表彰大會於2005年4月被揭陽市民營企業依法維權聯宜會推選為理事單位。
  2. So, the balance is, how quickly do you move to create an effective financial intermediation system, which is going to require dealing with the bad asset problem, and if you go too slow, you re going to stultify the economy by not being able to move and allocate capital to more efficient uses

    澤奧利克說: 「平衡點在於以什麼速度著手建立一個有效的金融中介體制,而這要求處理壞帳問題。 」他補充說: 「如果動作太慢,就不能運用和分配資本使其得到更有效的利用,結果會使經濟受損。 」
  3. The second part is the compare and analysis of the system of enterprise income tax and accounting structure from practice in detail, to compare and analyze the two ' s difference in income affirmation, deducting items, assets handling, investing, debts reconstruction and dealing with ones related, and so on

  4. Growth enterprises market is different with the main board market from dealing system, emphasis of supervisement and other systems

  5. The enterprise business administration is greatly changed with the rapid development of the computer and communication technologies. in order to improve the competitive ability, every enterprise is building the decision - making supporting system after its affair - dealing system has been built for many years