音標 [deθ]
n. 名詞 1. 死,死亡。
2. 死狀,死法;慘死;死因。
3. 褫奪公權。
4. 死刑。
5. 絕滅,消滅。
6. 謀殺;慘案。
7. 〈古語〉瘟疫;黑死病(= black death)。
8. 〈D-〉 死神;殺氣。


    1. I was really taken aback upon hearing of his death

    2. Upon his death, the chinese gave him a fond farewell

    3. Our protection system of inheritance obligation should be improved in entity and procedure in all sides. in entity, basic principles should be confirmed that inheritance obligation must be protected by law ; the recognition of inheritance must be based on lawful status, assisted by a proviso ; the denoted properties from the decedent to the heir due to marriage, business, a mensa et thoro and so on after the decedent ' s death should be regarded as inheritance. inheritance obligation should only be that caused by the decedent ' s behavior, based on public law and private law

      我國的遺產債權保護機制應從實體和程序兩個方面全方位的予以改造? ?在實體法方面:首先確立「遺產債權受法律保護的基本原則」 ,遺產的界定應以法律地位說為基礎,另輔以但書,被繼承人生前對繼承人因結婚、營業、分居等事項所受之贈與應視為遺產,遺產債務只能是被繼承人生前行為所引起的公法和私法意義上的債務,不包括繼承費用,繼承費用雖由遺產支付,但只屬遺產的負擔。
    4. Offence of the intentional killing and explosion will be inflicted if the explosive substance used as arms causes others, death in an affray

    5. In a murder case, this would include evidence that the defendant ' s act caused the victim ' s death, and evidence that the defendant acted with malice aforethought