decoction of ephedra中文意思是什麼

decoction of ephedra解釋

  • decoction: n. 1. 煎,煮。2. 煎汁;煎好的藥;煮成的東西。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • ephedra: 麻黃粉末

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  1. Pharmacodynamics comparative study on the fine powder preparation and decoction of taohua decoction

  2. On december 30, 2003, the us food and drug administration ( fda ) issued a consumer alert on the safety of dietary supplements containing ephedra or alkaloids of ephedra

  3. At present, there are about 800 pharmaceutical products registered in hong kong as containing alkaloids of ephedra, most of which are indicated for the relief of common cold, nasal congestion, chronic rhinitis and hay fever

  4. In addition to this requirement on pre - market registration, pharmaceutical products containing alkaloids of ephedra, being part i poisons, can only be sold by authorised sellers of poisons under the supervision of a pharmacist

  5. For the protection of public health, any product containing ephedra or alkaloids of ephedra which is not regulated under the cmo is required to be registered with the pharmacy and poisons board ( a statutory body established under the ppo ) before it can be manufactured or sold in hong kong