decoder required protection time中文意思是什麼

decoder required protection time解釋

  • decoder: n. 譯電員;譯碼機;解碼器;判讀器。
  • required: adj. 〈美國〉必修的(大學課程)。
  • protection: n 1 保護,保衛,防禦,掩護,包庇,照顧 (from; against)。2 保護者,防護物 (against); 〈美俚〉...
  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...

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  1. Please travel with the required protection for your electrical items

  2. The 1998 child online protection act would have required adults to use access codes or other ways of registering before they could see objectionable material online, and it would have punished violators with fines up to $ 50, 000 or jail time

  3. The main qualities required by time for the youth workers of community

  4. 11 perform other duties, assignments, and special projects that may be required from time to time

  5. Now, the real time, precision of calculation and the velocity of runningdatum are required to improve on backup protection device for transformer. single - chip system can ’ t satisfy user ’ s requirements in many situations