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  1. Meanwhile adopting two - step process of viscosity - decreasing method, i. e. adding hydrogen peroxide during the process of basification and abstersion to decrease the viscosity of alkaline cellulose, as a result the sodium carboxymethyl cellulose with ultra low viscosity was obtained

  2. The study of the project is remarkable for enhancing the rate of end products, decreasing prime costs, improving the productive

  3. The application indicates that the settlement - based design for pile foundations could greatly reduce the total costs by eliminating the necessity of soft soil treatment at embankments and decreasing pile lengths and pile numbers

  4. Reduces costs - make your shipping more efficient by reducing returns, decreasing customer support phone calls and reducing address errors at order entry

  5. It has obvious effects on blocking scales, cleaning scales and killing bacteria, therefore it has great significance for reducing costs of oilfield production and operation, saving energy and reducing consumption, preventing corrosion and killing bacteria as well as decreasing scale pollution to reservoir