deep-reaching fault中文意思是什麼

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  • deep: adj 1 深的;深處的;…深的,有深度的。2 深遠的;深奧的,奧妙的;深謀遠慮的。3 深陷…中;埋頭…中,熱...
  • reaching: 深遠的
  • fault: n 1 過失,過錯;罪過,責任。2 缺點,缺陷,瑕疵。3 (獵狗的)失去嗅跡。4 【電學】故障,誤差;漏電...

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  1. On the east terrace - fault slope of the depression, the sedimentary mode of fan - shaped delta - slump turbid fan - deep lake facies are developed. on the long axial direction of fula depression, the southeastern groove was filled with a large scale delta which was the main sources, the other little delta limited by the 3 syndepositional fault was distributed down the slope edge of the northern sub - depression. this stage developed a favorable oil sources, reservoir and regional seal which formed the good matching relations of generation, reservoir and seal in the time - space zone

  2. Placer abnormal of volcanic lithoclast at longjingjie in kaili of guizhou locates in regional shidongkou deep and major fault nearby, abnormal materials that are obsidian lithoclast and volcanic glass

  3. But the deep, multiple fault lines that the row is laying bare ? both within the atlantic alliance, and between the alliance and russia ? seem all too reminiscent of cold - war politics at their dismal worst

    但是深處的多重裂紋凸露出來? ?不僅在北約內部,而且在北約和俄羅斯之間? ?似乎極度憂郁地(表現出)對冷戰政策的懷念。
  4. The basin - formed mechanism, evolution model and petroliferous geological features of compresso - shear basins in the world are analyzed, by which six aspects of the features are summarized as follows : 1 ) in the compresso - shear process, the sedimentary speed of basin is high, forming thicker coarse - grained clastic rocks which normally shape good petroleum reservoir ; 2 ) the source rocks of basin tend to coming from the organic matter - enriched rocks formed in pre - compresso - shear stages, except that in intense compresso - shear process, deep water - semi deep water source rocks are possibly developed in pre - compresso - shear stages, e4xcept that in intense compresso - shear process, deep water - semi deep water source rocks are possibly developed in frontal of deep depression ( fore deep ) of thrust belt ; 3 ) the en echelon folds ( including anticline and fault - nose structure ) are generally as good oil traps ; 4 ) the compresso - shear process is helpful to hydrocarbon accumulation ; 5 ) it may promote the maturity and hydrocarbon - generating process of organic matte, and 6 ) the thrust belts in the surrounding areas of compresso - shear basin are favorable are favorable domains for petroleum concentration

  5. There are four kinds of fault, according to geometric character of fault, which are deep - seated fault, the fault surface cross cap formations but is not reach to ground, the fault surface cross to ground and ground fault. discuss the closure ability, based on the active stage and the lithlogic of two sides in fault