defensive turn中文意思是什麼

defensive turn解釋

  • defensive: adj. 1. 防衛的,防禦的;守勢的。2. 辯護的。n. 1. 守勢。2. 辯護。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • turn: vt 1 轉,轉動,旋轉,使轉彎;移動,撥動,觸動。 turn a wheel 轉動輪子。 turn the tap 擰塞子,旋龍...

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  1. For quick truning to target of air - to - air missile ( aam ) for short range dogfight in large off - boresight it is necessary to study the agile turn control law

  2. It makes a turn, comes down abu baku, where we were today

  3. At such times, they must skilfully watch the enemy ' s every move for signs of any new offensive against us, so that the moment it comes they can wind up their strategic offensive in good order, turn to the strategic defensive and thereby smash the enemy ' s offensive

  4. Since the fourth quarter of 1997, both the exchange fund and the land fund have incorporated defensive measures against market volatilities and unexpected turn of events for the worse in asia

  5. For the lower potential enterprises the steady develop strategy should be taken and promote them gradually to turn forward highly developmental types. and for the enterprises without potential defensive strategy should be taken. they should make industrial structure adjustment gradually and get rid of the passive situation