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  • definition: n. 1. 限定。2. 定義,界說。3. 明確。4. (透鏡的)明晰度。5. (收音機的)清晰度。6. (印花)輪廓。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • term: n 1 期限,期間。2 學期,任期;(支付)結算期;【法律】開庭期,(權利的)有效期間;定期租借(地產...

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  1. The first chapter, to clarify the conception of the " crossing situation ", focuses on expounding the definition and the classification of the " crossing situation ", including the definition of the " power - driven vessel ", " course crossing ", and " so as to involve risk of collision ", the classification of the pattern for the crossing situation as well, meanwhile, the thesis puts forward the general division for the " crossing situation " : such as small angle " crossing situation ", abeam " crossing situation ", and large angle " crossing situation "

    第一篇主要論述「交叉相遇局面」的定義和分類,包括對「機動船」 、 「航向交叉」 、 「致有構成碰撞危險」這三者的定義和交叉相遇局面的分類,使「交叉相遇局面」在概念上有一個清晰的定義,同時明確地給出了交叉相遇局面三種交叉態勢的一般劃分:小角度交叉、正橫交叉、大角度交叉。
  2. Now, that definition of " tithe " is actually easy to remember because it s an acrostic

  3. The definition of faceted and faceted - term are introduced in this dissertation, use component faceted to form a faceted - tree

  4. To the author ' s surprise, the word manipulation has been often misused in the situations where a legal operation is involved. this compels the author to re - assess and criticize the definitions offered by the researchers so far to the term securities - market - related manipulative action. the author labels the different definitions with a proper name indicating a different school of theory and puts forward his own definition of manipulative action in securities market

  5. The theoretical research of core competitiveness is applied into the special object of the sci - tech enterprises. the definition of core competitiveness of the sci - tech enterprises at present stage was given. based on the sci - tech resources of long - term accumulation, it is the unique capability system of the enterprises, featured with name brands, core technologies ( qualified personals ) and superior industries ( profession ), mixed with the self - deve loped technological innovation mechanism and the enterprise culture of learning

    把核心競爭力理論研究應用於科技型企業這一特殊對象,給出了現階段科技型企業核心競爭力定義:企業以長期積累的科技資源為基礎,由其自發的技術創新機制與學習型的企業文化融合而成的,以企業品牌、核心技術(人才) 、優勢產業(專業)為主要表現的獨特能力體系。