deformed ball diameter中文意思是什麼

deformed ball diameter解釋

  • deformed: 變態象
  • ball: n 鮑爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 球;球狀物。2 球戲,(特指)棒球;【棒球】壞球 (opp strike) 3 【軍事】子彈...
  • diameter: n. 1. 直徑。2. (顯微鏡等的)放大倍數。

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  1. Through the experimental research, we think : the technological capacity of fiberglass asphalt macadam if weaker than asphalt macadam, however, if use elasticized capacity to solve blending technological problem. adjust the breed of fiber silk, extend its diameter, its paving capacity is still worth exploring, asphalt - rubber macadam structure lager have good deformed - become capacity and crazed - resistance capacity, small gap rate. good water - resistance capacity, good hot - stability and simple construction technology. therefore. pitch rubber spall is a good cover material which is suitable for the second class or lower whose asphalt pavement has split open because of fatigue. and is the good structural measure of preventing half - rigidity grass - roots unit shrink - rift reflecting. pave a thin layer of pitch rubber spall between asphalt - type pavement layer and half - rigidity basic level, although the cost of building is higher than paving togongbu in the middle, the construction technology, crazing - resistance and water - resistance are better than togongbu, not only could reduce greatly the reflex of half - rigidity grass - roots unit material, long then the use lifespan of pavement, but also it is possible to reduce suitably the thickness of asphalt mixture layer, though the cast of building in the early days becomes more, in the long - term opinion, it have fully important technological and economical significance

  2. 1. 5 m in diameter ) were dispersed in n46 engine oil with different concentrations using ultrasonic respectively in order to study their tribological properties. the tribological experiments were carried out by mq - 800 four - ball tribometer and mm - 200 ring - on - block tribometer, in which extreme pressure properties, wear scan diameter, friction coefficient and wear volume loss were measured. the results showed that oil containing mos2 nanoparticles had a better wear resistance, friction - reducing and extreme pressure than the oil containing common mos2

    將上述制備得到的納米二硫化鉬顆粒和普通二硫化鉬粉末( 1 . 5 m )以不同濃度分散在n46機械油中,在mq - 800四球摩擦磨損試驗機上考察它們的最大無卡咬負荷( p _ b值) 、耐磨性能和摩擦系數;並在mm - 200摩擦磨損試驗機上,通過環?塊摩擦副,比較和分析了它們的摩擦學特性。
  3. Reseach on diameter of ball socket milling cutter

  4. Aerospace series ; bearings, airframe rolling - double row self - aligning ball bearings in steel, cadmium plated - diameter series 2 ; dimensions and loads ; german version en 3288 : 1994

  5. The result of study indicated preliminarily that as for the bal cage patterned constant speed universal joint, while the number of steel ball increased from 6 to 8, on account of the reduction of steel ball diameter, not only its outside dimension may cut down 12 %, its weight could get a reduction of nearly 20 %, but also the load bearing capacity of universal joint on the contrary could gain somewhat enhancement

    研究結果初步表明,對于球籠式等速萬向節,當鋼球數量由6增加為8時,由於鋼球直徑的減小,不但其外形尺寸可以減小12 % 、質量可以減少近20 % ,而且萬向節的承載能力反而可以得到少許提高。