dege filter中文意思是什麼

dege filter解釋

  • dege: 邊;棱;刃
  • filter: n 1 濾器,濾紙,過濾用料[砂、炭等]。2 【無線電】濾波器;【物理學】濾光鏡,濾色器。vt 過濾,用過濾...

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  1. Our " standard " product line includes cylindrical lenses, lenses, plano - convex cylindrical lenses, plano - concave cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, prism, filter, window, achromatic lenses and reflector etc

  2. This paper make a deep research in nonuniformity correction, median filter and data communication technology according to the design requirment of the aerial defence missile, and achieve the goal of the design with the fpga technology

  3. Therefore, this type of filter is characteristic of low pressure los s, high efficiency, light weight, non - agglutinant, low - request to humidity and non - completely throwing away ( just needs change the filter tubes ), thus it has fairly big market in the future

  4. The establishment of the first filter beds - the albany filters

  5. The anisotropic magnification filter is represented by the