delayed allergy中文意思是什麼

delayed allergy解釋

  • delayed: (航班)延誤
  • allergy: n. 1. 【醫學】變(態反)應性,過敏。2. 憎惡,反感。

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  1. The toxicity and allergy effect of d - trans - allethrin

  2. The brain can institute its own connections on the central processing of events such that, at the microtemporal level, it manages to “ antedate ” some events so that delayed processes can appear less delayed and differently delayed processes can appear to have similar delays

  3. A problem with a sail on the 28ft boat delayed his arrival in antigua by 24 hours

  4. Firstly, the primary common sense on delayed fluorescence and research progress were introduced in the chapter one, and then the basic concepts and principles of chemiluminescence and bioluminescence were represented in the chapter two

  5. The highly concentrated formula can significantly relieve, appease the skin and resist allergy, relieve facial bleb infections and tensioned sensitive skin, leave the skin fine, smooth, fair and bright again