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  • demand: vt 1 要求,請求;需要。2 詢問,盤問,追究。3 【法律】召喚。vi 要求,查問。 ★後面子句中的動詞,美...
  • size: n 1 大小,尺寸規模身材。2 (鞋帽等的)尺碼,號;(紙張的)開。3 巨大,大量;相當大的分量。4 〈口...

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  1. In 2005, 61 physical and chemical parameters were measured and analysed in sediments. these included particle size, electrochemical potential as highly anoxic sediment with negative potential is related to organic pollution, chemical oxygen demand which indicates organic pollutants, total sulphide inorganic constituents, source of the unpleasant - smelling gas hydrogen sulphide, 15 metals and metalloids aluminium, arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, silver, vanadium and zinc, and trace toxic organics pahs and pcbs - 16 compounds and 18 congeners respectively

  2. In the port, the ships passes in and out the harbor demand tugboat drag, the ships passes in and out the harbor event is a typical dess ( all the ships size, the ship tonnage, the time of ship passes in and out the harbor are random ), which will bring the certain difficulty to reasonable marshaling for ship team

    在港口,船舶進出港需要拖輪拖引,船舶的進出港事件是一個典型離散事件系統(船舶大小、載重噸及進出港時間均是隨機的) ,這為船隊合理配置拖輪帶來一定的難度。
  3. Different types, size and colors wires can be used to connect with neon lamps as per customer s demand, as well as the terminals

  4. The selling engineer of our company has comprehensive professional knowledge to the production processes of users, before you order, we can sieve the medium according to users ' sieve machine type, production capacity, discharge demand of supplies factor is it analyse demand of you to come, so you can choose the rubber or the polyurethane ( pu ) to sift the surface material, we can also determine the grain size of sieving and sift the hole form accurately, this means screen mesh material of the company of square garden can produce the good economic benefits and social benefit

    我公司的銷售工程師對于用戶的生產過程具有綜合的專業知識,在您定購前,我們可以根據用戶的篩機類型,篩分介質,生產能力,排出物料的要求等因素來分析您的要求,因此您可以選擇橡膠或聚氨酯( pu )篩面材料,我們還可以精確測定篩分粒度和篩孔狀,這就意味著方園公司的篩網材料可產生良好的經濟效益和社會效益。
  5. Please note that the company can meet the customers demand for the particle size with special requirements