denervation of carotid body中文意思是什麼

denervation of carotid body解釋

  • denervation: 除神經支配法
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • carotid: n. ,adj. 【解剖學】頸動脈(的)。
  • body: n 1 身體,體軀,肉體;屍首;軀干,【林業】立木。2 本體,主體;主力;本文,正文;部分。3 (衣服的...

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  1. Agmatine inhibits the afferent activity of carotid baroreceptor in rats

  2. It is an effective way in allocation resources through control of unfair competition and set up system of remedy through law. ( 4 ) order of resources allo cation and harmony of main body ' s interests

    ( 3 )法律制度對提高資源配置有效性是通過對權利配置(包括權利的確認、權利的轉移和權利的終結)的規范和確認來實現的。
  3. The anesthetist then gave me an injection, and after about two minutes, he asked whether i felt any sensation. i told him i felt nothing, and he then pricked several parts of my body with a needle, but i felt no pain

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