denis ravera中文意思是什麼

denis ravera解釋

  • denis: n. 丹尼斯〈姓氏,男子名〉。
  • ravera: 拉韋拉

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  1. And as for the lessee or keeper, who probably wasn t the other person at all, he bloom couldn t help feeling, and most properly, it was better to give people like that the goby unless you were a blithering idiot altogether and refuse to have anything to do with them as a golden rule in private life and their felonsetting, there always being the offchance of a dannyman coming forward and turning queen s evidence - or king s now - like denis or peter carey, an idea he utterly repudiated

    至於這個承租人也罷,店老闆也罷,多半壓根兒就不是另外那個人155 ,他布盧姆理所當然地不禁感到,除非你是個地地道道的頭號大笨蛋,否則就絕不要去理睬這號人。在私生活中訂下一條金科玉律,絕不跟他們打任何交道,更不要牽涉到其陰謀詭計中去。因為總會有偶爾冒出個達尼曼156前來行騙的可能性,像丹尼斯或彼得凱里157那樣,在女王不,現在是國王的法庭上供出對同犯不利的證據。
  2. It would be very dull to be married to denis.

  3. Denis had settled comfortably into an armchair and was quietly nodding off.

  4. Their houses were immaculately neat and tidy, with no pets allowed by order of denis.

  5. He and denis then went straight down to tell margaret in her study below, and her nightmare began.