denticulate commissure中文意思是什麼

denticulate commissure解釋

  • denticulate: 具細齒狀
  • commissure: n. 1. 接縫處,縫口。2. 【植物;植物學】(心皮的)接著面;【解剖學】連合。3. (昆蟲的)神經接索。

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  1. The transverse fibres or commissure unite the two ganglia of a pair.

  2. Commissure of inferior colliculus

  3. Anterior white commissure

  4. Giant inner and outer antenno - cerebral tracts and the fiber tract linking the antennal lobe and tritocerebrum are devoid of staining. the commissure interconnecting the two antennal lobes shows weak gaba - like immunoreactivity. only the thin middle antenno - cerebral tract is labelled

    粗大的內觸角腦通路、外觸角腦通路和嗅葉? ?后腦通路都幾乎未著色,兩個嗅葉之間的連接顯示弱gaba免疫活性,僅細小的中觸角腦通路被標記。
  5. Dont let the balcony, the bathroom, the kitchen and so on place the overflow water get wet the floor, when clean the floor, as far as possible use the dry rag to tow along the floor direction scratches, do not let the water flow underside of the floor from the commissure of the floor, avoiding the moisture content sharp increased