departure station中文意思是什麼

departure station解釋

  • departure: n. 1. 起程,出發;(火車的)開行。2. 背離,違反 (from);偏差。3. 【測】東西距離,橫距。4. 〈古語〉逝世。5. 【航海】航跡推算起點。
  • station: n 1 站,臺,車站;航空站,機場。2 派出所;署,局,所。3 【無線電】電臺,電視臺。 4 駐地,部戍地,...

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  1. Noise abatement departure and approach procedures

  2. 2 recharge station ", a series of refreshing live entertainment events were launched at sai kung and stanley during summer weekends. featuring live performances of " hi - fi divas " dong xin and apple chan, yoga demonstrations, jazz dance, acappella, live jazz and bossa nova, chalk art demonstrations, etc., we enlivened the spirits of our audiences

    我們在2006年炎夏的四個周末下午,于西貢及赤柱呈獻休閑加氧站,透過兩位發燒hi - fi天後董沁和陳果的悅耳歌聲瑜伽示範爵士舞無伴奏清唱現場爵士樂演奏平地粉筆畫示範等等,散發清新休閑的感覺,為各觀眾加氧。
  3. Five flap gates have recently been installed at the departure hall of lo wu station which facilitate passengers to exit the station and proceed to the immigration hall more efficiently, " said mr anthony yan, kcr east rail customer services manager

  4. He walked into the station a few minutes before the train ' s departure

  5. The phenomenon that the accumulation parameter of freight cars of entire station is not the same as that of each departure direction reflects the irrationality of calculation formula of accumulation parameter