destruction of waste中文意思是什麼

destruction of waste解釋

  • destruction: n. 1. 破壞;滅亡;消滅,撲滅,驅除。2. 毀滅的原因;破壞手段。n. -ist 破壞分子;破壞主義者。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • waste: adj 1 荒蕪的,不毛的,荒廢了的;未開墾的;荒涼的。2 廢棄的,無用的;多餘的;身體內排泄的。vt 1 糟...

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  1. Abstract : through analysis of the components of coking on different parts of desullfur system of single tower and the waste water containing sulfur, we find the cause of coking in the stripping desulur system from single tower is the polymerization reaction of carbohydrate and the separattion of varied solid powders, organic compounds, and all corrosive productions of metal out of waste water in high temperature, therefore, the solving method is how to decrease the oil content, how to depolymerize form the carbohydrate and how to antisepticize by vapour of waste water

  2. Incinerators. method for specifying purchasers ' requirements for incineration plant for the destruction of hospital waste

  3. Incinerators. code of practice for the design, specification, installation and commissioning of incineration plant for the destruction of hospital waste

  4. The analyzing result by thin plat e element from universal program will result in lack of pertinence and incorrect output of transverse shear force. in order to decrease the deformation of raft and prevent the destruction of structure, the designer prefer to adopt conservative methods to increase the raft foundation ' s thickness and reinforcing bars which will lead to waste of building materials

  5. Regulation for solid waste treatment and disposal for the destruction of abandoned chemical weapons by japan in china