detected signal中文意思是什麼

detected signal解釋

  • detected: 檢測到的
  • signal: n 1 信號,暗號;信號器。2 動機,導火線 (for)。3 預兆,徵象。adj 1 暗號的,作信號用的。2 顯著的...

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  1. Initial growths of disturbances are measured by means of hot - wire anemometry. due to the detected signals with low signal to noise ratio, the coherence function is used to eliminate background noise during data reduction

  2. Because the speech signal is periodicity at sonant which vocal cords surge in low frequency and similarity to white noises at surd, the pitch can be detected in traditional way through the correlation operation without the speech produce model

  3. Since the echo signals are partly received, this radar system has detected the target adopting the processing mode of blocking echo signal before and after, and the problems of the isolation between transmitter and receiver and blind range are solved

  4. Several questions in classical spectrum estimation are presented. at last the extrapolation of hrv signal is obtained. since the detected signal is

  5. Because of the disturbance of environment and apparatus, the detected signal is very faint and the detection is very difficult